investment for cyprus citizenship

Cyprus Citizenship Investment

Cyprus Citizenship Investment Cyprus Citizenship Investment:  the Scheme for Investors’ Naturalization in the Republic of Cyprus amendments by Exception. This scheme is based on subsection (2) in section 111A (Civil Registry Laws of 2002-2015). The amendments are strategically aimed at attracting Foreign Direct Investments as well as encouraging homegrown investments. Below are the amendment highlight…Read More→

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Private Schools in Limassol

There are 2 categories of schools in Limassol: 1) the private schools ideal for our non native habitants and for those interested in persuing their studies abroad – universities and boarding schools 2) the second category are the publish schools attented by the natives and offering the basic knowledge and background to contunue their studies…Read More→

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Villages of Cyprus – A selection

Platres Village: The most popular and largest Troodos resort of is this of Platres; located on the southern slopes of the Troodos Mountain. Just 5 minutes away from the top of the Mountain and not far from Limassol, only 45 minutes drive, the village offers breathtaking sceneries and a tranquil environment. Filled with pine trees…Read More→

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History, Culture and Gastronomy

History of Cyprus: The island of Cyprus shows evidence of life since the Palaeolithic era during the 9th millennium BC. Cyprus’ history and civilization have been shaped because of its strategic location. Cyprus was influenced, invaded and/or captured by different nations from the Eastern Mediterranean or the European World, like the Assyrians, Egyptians, Achaean Greeks,…Read More→

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Property Management

THE PROFESSIONAL TEAM – Safe in our hands In order to maintain and add value to your property, we offer a property management service that will give you complete peace of mind. Galaxia Property Management will take care of any property built by Galaxia Developments, both residential and commercial; offices, apartments, villas, town houses and…Read More→

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Buying Process

VISITING US – INSPECTION TRIPS Having seen a specific property you liked or a project you find interesting, either through our website or through any other source, you can easily contact us directly and simply express your intention of visiting us. VIEWING OF OUR PROPERTIES While you are with us, it would be our pleasure…Read More→

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Legal Info

1. PROPERTY TRANSFER FEE:  This covers the actual transfer of FREEHOLD ownership to your name and is due when the property is registered in your name at the Land Registry Office. This process is done following the Council of Minister’ approval. The Property Transfer Fees are a once only payable expense to the Land Registry…Read More→

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