Private Schools in Limassol

There are 2 categories of schools in Limassol: 1) the private schools ideal for our non native habitants and for those interested in persuing their studies abroad – universities and boarding schools 2) the second category are the publish schools attented by the natives and offering the basic knowledge and background to contunue their studies in Greece and Cyprus.

The private schools are aiming to provide thesame high quality of education as a well-respected UK private school, hence all lessons are taught in English, and the School uses the UK National Curriculum and standard assessments, including Cambridge Checkpoints, IGCSEs and GCSEs, AS and A Levels, as well as many other external examinations. The exciting element of our private schools is that the students (from 2-18 years old) are deriving from a wide variety of backgrounds making the schools international and multicultural. The schools put also a strong emphasis on extra curriculum activities and thus, they offer a wide range of those.


Some of the most known private schools in Limassol are:


The Heritage private school: the school was founded in 1987 and it is set in landscaped grounds and presents an impressive sights on the hills along main road Limassol- Troodos road. It has been awarded with the prestigious British Council International School Award (only 2 in Cyprus) for outstanding development of the international dimension in the curriculum. Since the very beginning from the early years around 2 ½ and until the end of the secondary school (18 years old) the school and the well-qualified and experienced teachers help the students not only to choose their career path but also to develop dexterity and social skills.

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