Villages of Cyprus – A selection

Platres Village:

The most popular and largest Troodos resort of is this of Platres; located on the southern slopes of the Troodos Mountain. Just 5 minutes away from the top of the Mountain and not far from Limassol, only 45 minutes drive, the village offers breathtaking sceneries and a tranquil environment. Filled with pine trees forests and night gales. As the noble-prize winning poet Giorgos Seferis wrote about Cyprus “In Platres, the nightingales will not let you sleep”. Other notable people visited Platres and spent few days there such as King Farouk of Egypt.


The village as such has all the necessary amenities and mostly during the summer is one of the most popular destinations for the locals and the tourists. Lovely hotels, restaurants, supermarkets and more are providing all the needed facilities to have a relaxed time. The sceneries are breathtaking and the area is a source of calmness and inspiration. All these elements contribute at making this village a perfect option to acquire either a permanent house or a country house. If you are interested in this area click here to view available houses for sale or properties for rent.

Pissouri Village:

This sought after village is located at a very convenient location; just 30 minutes drive away from either the city of Limassol or Paphos.  Set on the eastern slopes of the ridge reaching the sea at Cape Apro, the village offers breathtaking views of its surroundings and of the sea. The village, on one hand, retains the traditional character with many vineyards and farmers in the area and on the other it offers luxurious hotels and facilities next to the crystal clear waters. Combining luxury and comfort with the traditional, Pissouri is considered one of the most luscious destinations in Cyprus. Because of its close distance from the 2 big cities, many people choose to buy houses it that area and live in the calm environment of the village since all amenities and facilities are within a close proximity. You can get a taste of 2 Bedroom apartments in Pissouri.

Germasogia Village:

Germasogia Village is located at a stunning location and it is not just a beach since it extends into the valley of Germasogia where the old village of Germasogia stands. The name of the village occurs from its prime location and cultural background, hence Gera- Mesogeia means Holy Inland Area. Gera indicated that there were many churches and Mesogeia that the area is located away from the coast- inland. The 2 areas of Germasogia are divided by the new motorway. Potamos Germasogias the one that is located next to the sea and Germasogia Village is «above» the highway. Information for Potamos Germasogias can be found in another article. Here the main focus goes to the village of Germasogia an area that combines the green sceneries and the traditional way of living with the modern. If you like this area click here to view houses & apartments for sale.

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